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Cell (MSK. GMT+3): +7 916 8297853

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Desired positions:
Project Manager,Head of growth, Digital marketing head, Brand /Product owner&manager, Product Marketing Manager (PMM)

Objectives and key results: reduce operation costs, maintain and grow customer base, find validate opportunities to trow.

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Rantekt Motors LLC Май 2014 — декабрь 2014

Communication/ Brand Manager

Main responsibilities:

To provide a high level support for new cars sales, aftersales, spare parts and optional equipment.

Marketing strategic planning and execution in collaboration with vendor activities on the ground of sales analyze (sales/visits/calls/online-offline) including:

ATL budgetting/emplimentation on the ground of dealer quarter sales plan:

• Marketing budget and P&L for each project management 

• Layouts, slogans, sound, video, concept production.

• MediaPlanning, follow up.


• Product promotion (new dealership announsments, dealer center "open days" organization, sponsorships)


• Corporate websites (2 sites) development from the beginning (domain registration, hosting/mail service support, text/design approvals, day-to-day dead-lines management).

• Sites Search Engines Optimization (key words collection, text translation, news monitoring, usability exploration, online-catalogues)

• Additional landing pages for model range production.

• Context advertising (ЯндексДирект, GoogleAdwords)

• Advertising automotive banner/teaser networks executions.


• SMS, direct e-mails, call-center support. (copyrighting approvals, efficiency analytics in sales).

“AVALUX” Group of companies. Июль 2011 — август 2013


#Автомобильный бизнес

Brand Manager / Head of Marketing

Respnsible for planning and leadership to the Marketing Department by ensuring that the appropriate structures, systems, competencies and values are developed in order to meet and exceed the goals of the Marketing plan.

All the works are connected to coordination with agencies and reports in borders of briefing, projects and creative materials working out, supervising, weekly, monthly, quarter financial reports.

Gained straight parthnerships and connections to:


NETWORKS: Tandem Group, Mediaactive.Vongomedia, Common, Marketgid, RedTram, Smi2, Turboroller, SmartAdv, RBC контекст, ect.

Digital skills:

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"Gostinichniy Servis" LLC. Октябрь 2013 — апрель 2014


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Head of Marketing

Integrated marketing strategy and activities development and organization for the business of Group of hotels and ski resort. Branding formation, sales departments support and web based sales on the ground of the Room capacity / F&B / Conference and Banqueting / Mounting sport and Fitness business.

• Development and implementation of the Brand strategy including new and existing products campaigns, events, digital marketing, and PR.

• Responsible for developing season marketing plan for the organization; for strategic market planning; field force activities, and control of the marketing budget.

• Cooperating closely with the company’s Sales team, F&B director and all the sales points; enabling them to meet their commercial objectives by providing them with appropriate tools, materials and presentations.

• Driving negotiations in cooperation with the heads and suppliers providing marketing activities implementation well. Organizing meetings on a regular basis whereby the strategy and promotion programmes are reviewed.

Day to day responsibilities:

• Budgetary objectives analytics in comparison to incoming traffic (calls, visit, e-mails) check

• Communication channels update (Online (site, contextual ad, banners, teasers, news, social networks, SMS), Offline (posters, banners, coupons ect.))

• Media plan and suppliers (digital and offline) execution

• New aimed and potential auditory and accounts prospecting

• Document flaw


ARC Global/Leoburnett Worldwide Agency. Февраль 2009 — июль 2009


#СМИ, #маркетинг #реклама #BTL #PR #дизайн #продюсирование

Account manager

Responsible for Web-based sales and case management in the environment of internet marketing. Competitor market research, advertizing support.

Account management and production:

• Internet: social network, site, blogs production; visual and textual content production; optimization of sites; viral marketing, web advertising (direct, contextual).

• Creative via Internet: product naming; creative ideas development; audio, flash animation ect. agency. ZAO “FINAM”. Октябрь 2006 — декабрь 2008. 


Sales manager/New business manager

Responsible for communication to client, digital projects strategy coordination and implementation including:

• collaboration with departments of the agency and outsource companies. Briefing and time line control.

Task adjustment to design: key visual and backgrounds for site, web site content, flash animation.

Copyright production; press releases, textual content, direct mails, etc.

Advertising, PR campaigns; media plan coordination; banners production, functionality check, reports.

• budget tracking, document flaw.

CABRIO Mediabaying Agency. Январь 2006 — декабрь 2006

Sales Manager / New business Manager

Responsible for advertising "wholesales":

• Searched out business opportunities and companies at advertising automotive and IT market.

• Negotiated with vendors for advertisement campaign planning and maintaining: Print, Outdoor, Online, TV, Radio, Internet. Coordinated media plans with media departments, controlled production and implementation.

• Financial tracking, weekly reports to CEO.

Hubert BURDA Media. Февраль 2003 — декабрь 2005


Advertising Sales Manager

Responsible for advertising sales in press (CHIP Magazine), communication to IT dealers and vendors, agencies. Document tracking, daily negotiations, monthly deadlines. Advertising and event support for the company on the ground of previous experience.

• Strong advertising/marketing background includes sales and supervisory experience. • Skilled in market and competitive analysis, purchasing and vendor relations, contract negotiation, financial services support • Good ability to identify, analyze and solve problems is combined with leadership and interpersonal skills • Goal oriented and persistent, very hardworking. • Bilingual - verbal and written communication skills in Russian and English.• Extensive computer experience includes Microsoft Office, Adobe, Internet programs. • 7 years experience in digital marketing/12 years in Ad.


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